Staying Motivated
in Private Practice

Staying Motivated in Private Practice

Mon, Aug 31, 2020 | HLCTN Editorial Team

Staying Motivated in Private Practice

Taking specific steps can help
you keep moving forward.

Taking specific steps can help you keep moving forward.

So much has changed recently in the world of therapy.

It’s difficult to know how to prepare and plan when events continue to unfold with the pandemic, social unrest, and more.

It can be easy and understandable to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

Those feelings are expected and should be respected. And, there are ways to counter ongoing discouragement, to support yourself, and look towards the future.

Here are some tips to stay motivated in private practice.

Remember Healthcare
is Always Needed

Remember Healthcare is Always Needed

In a world where the business landscape is affected by health scares, markets, and consumer needs, healthcare remains pertinent.

Particularly when there is so much uncertainty, the members of our Therapist Network has proven that mental wellness is one of our most important needs.

Many people are impacted by fears, loved ones getting sick, stress of working from home or caring for children, or job scares.

This is a time when therapists can be particularly supportive. Counselors can be helpful to clients as well as to each other.

Private Practice
Offers Flexibility

Private Practice Offers Flexibility

We’ve seen some large healthcare agencies layoff or furlough employees during the past several months.

This is partially due to fears of the virus spreading, leading to people putting off basic healthcare needs.

Fortunately, private practice offers more flexibility to work around whatever may come in the market.  Here are 7 tips for starting a private practice.

Counselors can change their focus, provide new services, offer telehealth options, and work out of multiple different settings.

This provides a flexibility that’s not always possible in a large agency.

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You Can Foster Your
Mental Resilience

You Can Foster Your Mental Resilience

Staying Motivated in Private Practice

No one is immune to the fears and stress relating to COVID-19, social unrest and other societal and community pressures.

However, we do have control over how we take care of ourselves day to day, to keep up the strength to deal with these feelings and stressors.

Here are some ways you can purposefully build up your grit:

  • Stay physically active. The “COVID 15” is a clever phrase referring to the weight many people have gained since they started social/physical distancing. It’s interrupted routines of even the most active among us. You can change that. Work an alternative regimen back into your day, even if it’s as simple as walking around the block or following a 5-minute online exercise video. Exercise can seem like the last thing we want to do when we’re stressed, but therapists know this is one of the most important.
  • Take time for silence each day. Following the news, keeping up with messages and checking in with social media may be necessary, but you can significantly limit them. If you’re not one to put your head in the sand and ignore what’s going on, that’s great. However, there’s a difference in staying informed and ruminating over every news story. We can only focus on so much, so choose wisely what information you consume, and how much of it you let in. Practicing meditation, taking a quiet walk, or keeping up a yoga routine can be immensely helpful and even necessary during this climate.
  • Feed your mind. While you limit how much negative information you take in, make a purposeful choice to add in helpful messages. What feeds you is unique to you. Some examples might be listening to Ted Talks, reading about your favorite topic, downloading inspirational music, or following a new positive podcast. Whatever makes you feel renewed and encouraged, make it a priority every day.

Now is the Time to Renew Your Hobbies, or Find New Ones

Staying Motivated in Private Practice

Hobbies may seem like another unlikely thing you should focus on while trying to run a practice or support your clients.

It may actually be one of the most important.

The easiest way to burnout is to not take breaks, not prioritize your own needs, and not set your own limits.

Taking time for yourself and for things that are renewing and satisfying can give you more energy to help others.

Many people were impacted by social distancing that interferes with usual activities.

This is no small thing, since many of us spent years building routines and self care rituals.

If those are shut down or no longer safe, then it can be disappointing.

Allow yourself to grieve that loss, even if it seems small, and then find new challenges and opportunities. Consider something similar to your old interests, or even try something totally off the wall that you normally wouldn’t do.

This time can be a chance to foster your creativity, and think outside the box.

Therapists in particular tend to prioritize taking care of others.

This is a great trait, and one that often leads people into the mental health field.

However, burnout is a real thing, and something that we have to actively work against.

Taking basic steps such as self care, exercise, taking breaks, and feeding your mind with helpful information can make all the difference.

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